FLY WING UH-1 Classe 470 6CH Moteur Brushless GPS Échelle de Maintien dAltitude à Point Fixe Hélicoptère RC PNP/RTF

Disclaimer:The remote control model is not a toy. This product is provided to adults or experienced technicians with professional remote control model helicopter assembly, setting, commissioning and operation experience and is used in legal remote control flight field. This product is not suitable for children or those who do not have professional remote control model helicopters. Inexperience This must be purchased under the direction of someone with considerable skill or expertise. The remote control model product of this specification belongs to the operator who has high operational skills and is a consumable item.Emballage inclus:RTF Version1x Helicopter Kit1x Main Motor1x Tail Motor1x ESC1x Servo1x H1 Flight Control1x Battery1x Retome Control1x ChargerPNP Version1x Helicopter Kit1x Main Motor1x Tail Motor1x ESC1x Servo1x H1 Flight ControlNote:Ceci est une version PNP, ne comprend pas la télécommande, la batterie et le chargeur.vous devez préparer ces accessoires vous-même.If you have any technical questions, you can first check the following link video on YouTube

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